AD Connect Sync Overwriting Cloud Only Accounts

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Hey all,


I had a problem recently where I had to reinstall AD Connect Sync.  During the next write, it overwrote the cloud only groups with their out of sync on prem version (which were previously in an non-synced OU but were synced following the reinstall).


I cant see in the audit logs anywhere that this will show me the sync happening and recreating them and removing/updating the "cloud only" version.


I am guessing the answer will be "Nope.  You can't see that" but am I missing somewhere that will show me the changes which were made?  Mostly I need to try to get the group members back in Exchange as they are now wrong for many groups and there isnt an undo button.


Has anybody seen this and managed to successfully revert or find the changes so they can reapply them?  I looked in the audit and it doesnt show AD Sync changes.



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The only way I can think of is checking in Azure AD Connect console, the specific sync event that made the changes to the groups, but I'm afraid the membership information from the cloud will not be there