AD Connect Staging Server doesn't Auto Upgrade

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I can't seem to find anything about this in Microsoft's documentation.


We have both an active and staging AD Connect server. We have auto-upgrade turned on for both servers. The active server is currently on the latest auto-upgrade release (, so no worries there. However, auto-upgrade never seems to work on the staging server. I'll enable it, then after some period of time the auto-upgrade goes into a 'suspended' state. The staging server is stuck on version 1.1.750.0, which isn't particularly helpful if we ever needed to failover services to that server. Moreover, it doesn't seem that I can manually upgrade the staging server to to match the active server because Microsoft only publishes the downloadable installer for the very latest version (currently of AD Connect.


Do staging servers not do auto-upgrade? If not, what should I be doing to get these to match versions again?

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@CharlesPearson Can you check this:



If the Synchronization Service Manager UI is running on the server, then the upgrade is suspended until the UI is closed, and this:


You can change between Enabled and Disabled with Set-ADSyncAutoUpgrade. Only the system should set the state Suspended. Prior to 1.1.750.0 the Set-ADSyncAutoUpgrade cmdlet would block Autoupgrade if the auto-upgrade state was set to Suspended. This functionality has now changed so it does not block AutoUpgrade.

Automatic upgrade is using Azure AD Connect Health for the upgrade infrastructure. For automatic upgrade to work, make sure you have opened the URLs in your pr