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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Access Packages requests are taking a ridiculous amount of time to complete all of a sudden

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I noticed this past weeks intermittent delays with access package requests. These used to be granted almost instantly before this however lately it takes a couple of minutes at best and at worst had it happen that some even took more than 24 hours for the Access Packages to be granted!


They are either stuck in "Submitted" or "Delivering" for a long time before they are delivered. This is starting to get really annoying honestly as we rely heavily on them and Microsoft Support will sadly offer little help on such intermittent problems. 


This is in West Europe tenants. Anyone else is seeing this problem?

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As a sidenote this issue is also very asymmetrical. Removing access happens almost instantly. Only granting access has this random weird latencies.
Looks like even my last post was too optimistic about it. This issue seems to be random in both grants and removals of access packages. Did removals of two access packages, one went through instantly the other is stuck in limbo on Submitted. Here is an example of one removal stuck in submitted and not budging.

That's 20 min of nothing happening so far.

Can someone at Microsoft please take this seriously without sending us on a merry go round through support all over the world, our customers pay a lot of money for this and its frankly embarrassing when you demo this and see it being stuck for the duration of the demo sometimes without being able to give a good explanation why.
I have same issue with acces package when assigned with adminadd. It takes too mutch time to pass from requested to delivered