AADConnect SQL Express DB 10 GB limit reached- How to Truncate Logs & Remove White space from the DB

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We recently performed a parrallel upgrade from the legacy dirsync tool to AADConnect 1.1.443.0

Its been just a week and appears like today we had a stalled Sync due to the DB being full

"stopped-database-disk-full' error in the sync


We are less than 30k objects in total and not sure what would be consuming the DB that it had reached its full limits of 10GB in a week.

Our SyncSchedule runs every hr.

AllowedSyncCycleInterval                                  : 00:30:00

CurrentlyEffectiveSyncCycleInterval                : 00:30:00

CustomizedSyncCycleInterval                          : 01:00:00

This morning we cleared the run history and changed the PurgeRunHistoryInterval to 3days

PurgeRunHistoryInterval             : 3.00:00:00

The sync appears to be working now. But am looking to have a long term solution in place so that we never end up in such a scenario.


I am trying to find out if there is any MS guidance on how to manange the ADsync DB on a local sql express engine. I tried using SSMS but am not sure how i could connect to the DB.

Any suggestions /documentation would be greatly appreciated.


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Great question! We're looking into this to try and find an answer for you.