AADC - Swing Migration - Ver 1.6.4 Endpoint 2 not enabled by default after import of json

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Folks bit of a strange one and maybe someone might be able to shed some light on this behaviour...
Have recently completed an AADC Swing Migration as original version was a quite an old version.
Original version AADC 1.1.882.0 -(No export / import config option)
- Steps were :

1 - Start Install new version of AADC on new Win2019

2 - Copy migratesetting.ps1 from New to "old Server"

3 - Run migratesettings.ps1 script on old server and then import exported config into New AADC

4 -After checking which endpoint was in use on New AADC noticed it was set at Endpoint V1 ,had to manually set it to V 2***

5.Then exported the new config to Staging server and again AADC was set to V1 after import of config
Just wondering if this is by design ?
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