A question about AAD User password reset (sometimes grayed out)

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Can someone please help me with the following question


I set up Azure AD Connect and synced my users and groups form on-prem AD (setup as an IaaS LAB in Azure) to Azure AD (my subscription default directory) then synced the users and groups all users and groups sync So far so good. At time of setup I also chose the option to use Password Write Back (as I am using a trail version of Azure AD Premimum)


I noticed when logged into the ARM portal and looking under Azure Active Directory at a user that was synced up from on-prem AD, there was a button for 'Reset Password' which when clicked sets the password to a random value the user, then has to change at new login, and I used this button. However I noticed latter this button is 'grayed out' therefore I cannot click on it now. 


I do not understand why this button is available to click on a given user and a little time later the button is grayed out and not available to click (I am logged in as the same global administrator user)


Any help is most welcome




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