Workplace Join - Windows 7 Scheduled Task Disappearing

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We have started to deploy Azure Workplace Join to Windows 7 devices around our estate, however have noticed that on some machines where the MSI has been deployed the scheduled tasks and log file no longer exists, so therefore the users machine never performs a Workplace Join. 


We are deploying this as a simple LANDesk package and we have a number of machines which are deploying with no issues and then joining however these seem to be the ones which the task is disappearing from as well.  This means that some users are not registering to Azure and therefore conditional access will not work for that user. 


Any advice would be appreciated.





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Thanks for the question. We're looking into this and will try to get an answer for you. 

I recommend asking this question in a Windows client forum as this isnt really related to Azure AD.


Brjann Brekkan

- Azure AD Program Manager