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Windows Server and Hybrid Join

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Almost all discussion about AAD Hybrid Join is directed toward Windows 10 and Windows 11.  There really isn't much discussion about Windows Server.  I believe I read that Windows 10 1803+ will automatically locate the SCP in Active Directory and immediately attempt to Hybrid Join.  Is this also the case for at least some Windows Server versions?  We have done a targeted AADHJ deployment to our Windows 10 systems, and are at 100%.  We are now ready to add the SCP to our AD domain so that all new Windows 10 systems will detect and Hybrid Join.  However, we're worried that Windows Servers might also locate the SCP and attempt to Hybrid Join.  Can anyone direct me to a Windows Server-oriented discussion of the SCP in AD?

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I can't find a discussion that provides the explicit, unambiguous confirmation you're hoping to find.


That said - and I realise this is ambiguous, all the literature does read as though Windows 2016 and above will indeed discover the SCP and perform a hybrid join if possible.


Anecdotally, I can at least confirm that the Server 2019 Standard virtual guests on an on-premise hypervisor (i.e. I've deliberately stayed away from the Azure IaaS guests as it's pretty much a given they're hybrid-joined) have indeed registered with Azure AD. I've confirmed this on both ends (on-premise and in Azure AD via Get-MgDevice.)


As I say, that's anecdotal, but it conforms to the behaviour outlined in a number of the official Microsoft articles from that do at least explicitly reference the relevant client and server versions in the same sentence.


If you're looking to prevent automatic joining, the only documented method I'm aware of is the BlockAADWorkplaceJoin registry key outlined in:


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