Windows Hello for Business - I forgot my pin feature not working - Intermediate sucess


Windows 11 Professional

Device Azure AD Joined

WHfB setup using PIN code

Windows AutoPilot spawned


When using the I Forgot My PIN option I get the a full screen (blue background) with the heading Sign in with Microsoft and the Send Notification command button (similar to the onboarding screen users see when enrolling via AutoPilot).


When I acknowledge the notification using the MS Authenticator App, I am returned back to the login screen.


If I try a couple of more times I eventually get the reset PIN option but this is a bit hit and miss.


Has anyone come across this?


If I sign into the device with my password, I am able to reset my PIN code under Accounts > Sign-in Options >PIN > related links I forgot my PIN

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Opened a ticket with Premier Support so hopefully not too long now.