Urgent help in AD

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Hey guys, i am new to AD, and i currently face some problem.

i had a domain with many users and groups, and right now, i want to export them out to an excel file in such format

group 1 : member 1
group 1 : member 2
group 1 : member 3
group 2 : member 1
group 2 : member 3
group 3 : member 1


But not matter how i try,  i cant seem to get both different object (users and group) together. sometimes even get back the word length only....


So guys, can y'all kindly help me to solve this problem?

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By the way, I am currently using Power shell to extract all those information from AD
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Are you looking help with Azure AD or On-Premises AD?. You can get some idea from below posts:


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@Kevin Morgan Thanks! It helped alot