Unlink or Create New Directory for MSA account


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My MSA ( account is associated with an Azure account and associated directory. Is it possible to unlink my account with this directory or create a new Azure AD Directory and marking it as default rather than the previous directory?


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@Paul Bendall MSA accounts (eg and Azure AD directories don't have a one to one relationship. Your MSA account can be associated/added to more than one Azure Active Directory.


When you create an AAD you will be prompted for a name for the tenant ( It is this name that is unique to each AAD tenant. Plus you can register your custom domains (eg with an Azure AD tenant, this too will have a one to one relationship (ie you won't be able to register as a domain in a second Azure AD tenant).

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@merill thanks for your help.


I knew that I could associate my MSA account with more than one AAD but I couldn't think how to get beyond the authentication prompt which was taking me back to the old AAD I no longer use and where my account is disabled. In the end, the steps I took were as follows:


  1. In a private browser, session go to
  2. Sign up for a new "Free Account"
  3. Follow the wizard feeling in the necessary information, using the email address of your existing MSA
  4. Once created you are able to change the directory from "Sign in to your last visited directory" to a specific directory e.g. the one you just created

In my case, it looked as though I already had a directory that had been created by my MSA some time ago, but following this method got me back into Azure and importantly able to change the directory selection option.

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