Unable to add Guest Users to Microsoft Teams

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It is not possible to add a guest on Microsoft Teams.


The error displayed is "Não foi possível adicionar um membro."


"It was not possible add a member"



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Do you really mean a guest user?  One that is external to your Office 365 tenancy?  If so, please review this: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/guest-access-checklist


Or do you mean you're trying to add another member from your organisation to an existing team?


Ah, I can see from your other post that you included a screen shot and it looks like an external user.  Please review the link as suggested and see if anything has been missed.

After hours of trying everything w/ support this was the command that fixed it all!!!!


Set-MsolCompanySettings -UsersPermissionToReadOtherUsersEnabled $True

Can you please be specific about where the command 


Set-MsolCompanySettings -UsersPermissionToReadOtherUsersEnabled $True



was applied?

This is a powershell command run from my desktop after using powershell to connect to O365.

Unfortunately this option did not work for me.

Do you also have any other options for me?

I have tried the checklist mentioned above and everyting seems set up correctly (sharing is enabled in O365 tendant, Azure AD, Groups, Sharepoint and Teams)..


I still get the error when i try to add a guest user that there are no users found and do not have the option to sent an invitation to a guest.


Please advise.

When did you make the settings??

Hello Adam,

Thanks for your Reply.

I have made these changes a few hours ago (perhaps 4 hours).
I just read it could take up to 24 hours??
I will check in tomorrow if the error still persist i will let you know.
Yes, indeed! It will sort itself out til tomorrow :)


Hello Adam,


Thank you for the tip! I just had to have a little bit more patience :)


However I now have the following situation, I hope I can explain it clearly.


I am invited by the customer as a Guest to their team (Customer is "*** Beheer") on my work account (which ends with "*** B.V.") 


However when i open this in teams it will open a 'new' teams where only the team where i have been added to as a guest is visible.

If i want to see my own company teams i have to switch over in the top-right coner. (see screenshot)

( the word (Gast) means Guest in Dutch)


Is it also possible to get the team were i am added as a guest on the left pane in Favorites on my own company Teams?


*I have obfuscated the company names for privacy

Hi! This is expected! It’s how it currently works..you have to switch tenant and therefor not seeing every team you are member of in all tenants at the same time!

MS is currently working on this request!

Thank you Adam!
I have voted for the idea and will wait and see (patiently ;) )

@Neil Hobson Step-by-Step did not work for me.


@Androyd18 It didnt work for me, either. I think is just a lucky charm when configuration works.