Switch PC from one Azure AD to a new Azure AD

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So I have about 4 users that have spun off of my current company into a new company, and as such they have a new O365 Tenant and a new Azure AD. They are currently connected to the first comapnies Azure ad, lets call it I would like to switch them over to the new domain,, while retaining the programs they have installed on their computer and not having to do a fresh start. Is this even possible? 

I have tried creating a local admin account and then disconnecting from azure ad, then trying to rejoin azure ad, but that just adds it as a work or school account onto my local admin account, not allowing me to sign in with my credentials. Is there a better way to do this?

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I think you filled in the e-mailaddress under "Set up a work or school account under "Access work or school in Windows 10 settings? Instead of filling that e-mail address field you need to click down under "Alternate actions:  "Join this device to Azure Active Directory" this will Azure AD join it instead of Azure AD registered if you already disconnected from the other Azure AD tenant. 


The manual process for Azure AD joining and also intune enrollment (if necessary) is explained here


MS docs: 

@SvenV_  Yup. Absolutely correct. Following those steps worked perfectly. Thank you!