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I would like to block for all legacy Authentification with CA - and followed a guide from MS to see which usage  
in Monitor -> Sign-ins -> Add filter: Client Apps - one can filter on 13 legacy Apps - all good :) 


However, most have in the 'Application' column listed "Common Data Service"


- is this a PowerApp developed that uses legacy auth. or? - how to remediate this?   

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Can you see the applicationID? Here's what I see in my tenant:


Common Data Service '00000007-0000-0000-c000-000000000000': 'Dynamics CRM Online'


Those are all using modern auth though.

@Vasil Michev  - Thanks :) - it's the same AppId  - if modern is used in common data service - why is it then listed under 'insights and reporting' in Cond. access sign in details and in the Identity Protection as Legacy Auth. sign in?  
I've read this:

And the common data service is also listed in the workbook 'Sign-in using Legacy Authentification'

I made (several) Cond. Access - all running in reporting mode to get an overview of the impact, what is using leg. auth. etc. - one CA is to Block Legacy Auth. and followed this: 

Well, I'm not sure, you can ask Alex in the blog comments :)