Set-up Manager for Office 365 Users Using MS Graph PowerShell.


The dates are near! Yeah, talking about the Azure AD and MSOnline modules deprecation dates, so it's time to switch to MS Graph PowerShell modules. And in the Azure AD cmdlets list, we no longer have access to the Set-AzureADManager cmdlet, which will make managing Office 365 managers difficult!


To begin, we've prepared an all-in-one PowerShell script that makes assigning Office 365 managers easier while serving multiple use cases. This script is prepared in a way to automatically install MS Graph PowerShell SDK, and a few of the use cases are:

  • Assign manager based on user properties.
  • Replaces the existing manager with a new manager.
  • Assign a manager to users in a CSV file.
  • Set up the manager to unmanaged users based on the user properties
  • Assign a manager to all the unmanaged users


Still, awaiting? Check out the detailed blog and download our script to manage Office 365 effectively!

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