Recurring privileged role access review

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Could anyone share their experience in managing recurring privileged role access reviews? I note a separate access review is created per-role which means changing any settings or even deleting these individual reviews is too cumbersome e.g., consider access review created for 15 roles.


How do you manage any changes to review settings?

Is there a better way to delete review series or each review in the series have to be deleted individually?

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Last time I attempted to use it was a year or so ago, and actually stopped using it because of the fact we had to have individual access reviews for roles. Someone made a mistake when scheduling it, and it keeps being a lot of work to fix these things. Having said that, if I had to re-do it now (which I likely will have to in the coming months), I would probably only target very high value roles, like Global Administrator and a few others.
Thank you for the insights.