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I'm just having a problem with understanding how exactly Azure AD licensing works. The issue is that we need to use Office365 Management API for an external app, in order to enable it our AAD should be Premium 1. Question is how to upgrade it to Premium 1/2?


Should I just purchase 1 EMS license and then Office365 Management API will be available to use?


Any advice will be appreciated 


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Most of the AAD Premium features are available after you purchase 1 license.

But in order to be licenses compliant, every user who uses the premium feature needs to be licensed

@Thijs Lecomte Thank you for feedback. So in this case in order to enable Office 365 Management API we just need to buy for example 1 EMS License and this feature will work for us? :) ( External app will be able to use this API )

What is the function of this app?

Just collect information about user activity from where they logged in etc

That means that you are getting data for more than 1 user.

So every user who gets it's data ingested into the app should be licensed

@Marcos95 Which Azure AD Premium feature are you using here?

@  @Marcos95  The Office 365 Management API is a part of the standard Office 365 offering so you are already licensed for it. Based on your query about third party access for the O365 Management API, I'm assuming you need to create an Azure AD app for the third party to use the Management API. If this is the case then creating an Azure AD app does not require an Azure AD Premium licence. You can simply create the Azure AD app and use the identity from your third party app.

Hope this was clear. Let me know if I've misunderstood your query.