Question on the licensing of AAD Indenity Governance (Terms of use)

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I would like to use the "Terms of use" functionality for internal and external employees. But I don't know how many ADD P1 licenses I need. Do I need one license for each internal employee or is one license sufficient for one administrator? And what happens if not all employees are licensed with a P1 license?





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Every user who views to ToS should have an AAD P1 license.
Are you using Conditional Access to present to ToS?
If that's the case, the users will see the ToS with no problem, but you won't be compliant

@Thijs LecomteYes, I have configured a conditional access policy to display the ToS. What exactly do you mean by not being compliant?

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To be able to use ToS through CA you need a AAD P1 for all users who receive the TOS.
Otherwise you aren't compliant with MS licensing