Question about backup in Azure Active Directory

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We work more and more in Azure Active Directory and have already made some configurations.

I now ask myself the question, how can I Backup our work?

Example of what I want to save:

- Configured Dynamic membership rules for groups in Azure Active Directory

- Conditional Access policies in Azure AD

- MFA Configuration

- Azure Active Directory (We automate settings with Graph)

- Or also create surveys in Forms in Office 365


I am very curious what your opinion is



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If you are already familiar with the Graph (or PowerShell), just use it to export a "snapshot" of the current configuration for any features you care about. There are no "backups" per se in AAD, making sure the service is up and running and recovering in the event of a disaster is Microsoft's responsibility, not yours.

Thanks for your answer.

Disaster Recovery is of course also an topic.


We have RBAC in use.

What happens if a "power user" changes a setting, no documentation is available, and nobody remembers what the setting was?

Or especially with Dynamic Azure AD groups, with many groups the specifications are not always transparent for us.


I look at snapshots with graph


If everything runs, then that is great. But if it doesn't, the questions come ;)


The Audit logs should cover (most of) the changes.