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What is the recommended method for getting empoloyee photos from Workday into Azure AD/Office 365?

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@Dean GrossI had the same question! any updates on a direction or tips for getting this worked out would be greatly appreciated.

@Dean Gross Looking for pretty much the same answer...

So far, I've come up with two strategies:

  1. Download, then import
    1. Download first the photos from Workday (or get them directly from your HR department if they have them)
    2. Use PowerShell to batch import all the photos at once into O365 (example).
  2. Use some dedicated commercial solution such as Hyperfish.

Personally, I would rather go with 1 above, but haven't yet found a direct way of batch download Workday profile pictures (though I have the feeling it should be possible using the Get_Person_Photos method of their API.


PS: I have no relationship whatsoever with any of the links posted, just sharing what I've found together with my own issues.

@dgr4it  same here.... looking for a solution.