Password sync across 2 Azure ad tenants

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for some reason   one of scenario ,  we cane across   is  there  are  2 Azure  tenants   and  hence  currently having users accounts   like and


company wants to continue keeping services   in use  in 2 different tenants

however  users Single sign on  is  problems  ,  as in  if password is chnaged,  it  has to be manually reset   by user  at 2 different places.


We   looked at  AD connect however, thats only supported in  on premise  domains/forest to   Azure  AD tenant


is there resolve/ method    for above scenarios



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Why using 2 accounts when you can utilize a service Azure B2B? In this way you don't need to maintain 2 users. Also if you set the UserType to Member for that Guest account, you will be able to add the Guest account to SharePoint access lists as well.