Onedrive collaboration between multiple tenants

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We have multiple tenats which are alle working with Sharepoint Online/Onedrive. We would like to drag and drop files from Sharepoint Online in Tenant A to a user which uses Onedrive from Tenant B. Can we esthablish this with Azure AD B2B?

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There are ways to get this done with B2B. This involves using our APIs and using scripts to bulk onboard people from the other organization. And enabling self service sign-up for new users who join the other company.




Self service sign-up portal:


You can see a demo of the self service portal in my talk: 


Then, run a PowerShell script to make these users visible in SPO:

The ability to search for existing guest users in the SharePoint Online people picker is OFF by default to match legacy behavior. You can enable this using the setting 'ShowPeoplePickerSuggestionsForGuestUsers' at the tenant and site collection level. This can be set using the Set-SPOTenant and Set-SPOSite cmdlets, which allow members to search all existing guest users in the directory. Changes in the tenant scope do not affect already provisioned SPO sites.


The link on the best response is broken - can you please re-link?

I am looking for a way to share one drive across multiple tenant.

LMS is involved.

Hi Sarat,


Our Office 365 admin could not add any apps from Azure portal listed under Microsoft Apps in Staff tenancy to the Invited student tenant. For ex: We need to add One Drive. Below screenshot is for Drop Box. We are able to add ABC news apps to the invited student user. We can add One Drive Client App as a SaaS App but not any of the Microsoft Apps from the listed dropdown under Enterprise Apps.


The "Add" button on the Enterprise applications page

Hi Sarat,


I am guessing here - but it seems like B2B is like the "trust" concept in a multidomain environment.

In such that you can give external users to resources within your domain.


Amit is under the impression that you can share Microsoft applications to external users.

What triggered that impression your comment to Uwin_Young in the following URL:


I am guessing though what you mean is that with B2B we can assign external users to a particular site in SharePoint Online (and OneDrive which is sharepoint anyway) - but not the whole apps. Is this correct?

Amit - to add Office365 apps, have you tried assigning licenses from the licensing tab (image attached)?

Hendra - I think you might be pointing out a terminology issue? Yes, with Azure AD B2B collaboration it is possible to add partner/guest/b2b users to Microsoft *and* non Microsoft applications. The act of adding guest users sometimes referred to as sharing that application.


For example, adding a guest user to a sharepoint site is sometimes referred to as "sharing the sharepoint site" with the guest user.


Not sure if that's what you're referring to?

Hi Sarat,


I am not refering to terminology, I was trying to be precise. Apps and sites, are two different things.


What we are exploring is whether it is possible to make "Microsoft SharePoint Online" appears on the Guest users portal pretty much like you made "SalesForce" appears.


When I tried to share "Microsoft SHarePoint Online", the experience . Under "manage" , the "users and groups" options appears and disappeared.


I can easily log a ticket with Premiere - but since B2B is a new product, I need to know whether it is by designed?


Thanks Sarat,





We have licensed the guest users wtih E3 Licenses.

Our license is Office 365 Education E3 for Faculty.

Is this enough?

Hi Sarat/Hendra,


I think we should setup a 30 min Screen Sharing Session with Sarat where we exactly show him what/how of our current setup and what issues we are facing to assign apps to invited B2B user. 


Sarat: Based on your availability, could you please advise if this could be possible this week? What are your preferred time. Hendra will setup a skype meeting with you directly.