Old organization login shows up in Office applications

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For not disclosing information I will mention company "A" and "B" for two companies that I'm involved.  A is the company I do a project for, "B" is the company that I work for.


For a project, I used to login in Teams using company "A" account. Then my company, company "B" started using Windows/Office 365. So I logged out from company "A" account, Windows is linked to company "B" Azure AD. I'm using Outlook Mail for company "B" . Everything is working normal mostly. But when I open and Office application, Outlook, Excel, Word etc. a login form is shown with company "A" logo and company "B" account. When I click account to log in, an error is shown that account doesnt' exist tenant "A" etc. When I close the login form 2-3 times then I use the application without any problem.


How I can remove company "A" from my system. I can not find anything about it in registry , I can not find anything to deal with this situation online either. All information I find is about IT settings in the cloud. Where are the settings for client applications?




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@Vasil Michev 

Thank you very much for your reply. It looks very comprehensive. and I don't want to break things, I will examine before applying. Office applications were installed before joining Azure domain, so I don't know removing licenses is necessary and safe.