New User Tenant Management Setting is out in Azure AD!


Microsoft has always allowed users(non-admins) to create new tenants with a default value of 'True.' When a new Azure AD tenant is created by the end user,


1. It will have the created user as a global admin but as an external user. 

2. It will be completely an empty tenant without any subscriptions.  

3. The newly created tenant does not inherit any settings and configurations from the existing tenant.  


Are you feeling powerless because Azure AD doesn't allow you to control users' unnecessary tenant creations? 

Hereafter, no worries! Now, MS introduced a new toggle to manage user tenant creation. Previously, administrators had no power over user tenant creation, so now this configuration makes it easier for admins to have better control over it.


Creating Azure AD tenants does not impose a substantial impact on the organization, and also the risks associated with Azure AD tenants are so negligible. IMO, it’s always better to toggle the bar Off and disable user tenant creation.

Has anyone already created tenants in your organization? Are you confused about how to identify who created a new Azure AD tenant?

Not a problem! We've got a solution! Check out the detailed blog and get answers to all your queries.


Does anyone create tenants using this? How does it benefit you?

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