Microsoft Graph Filter by specific Domain Name

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  • I have over 20000 users and we have four sub-domain.
  • I'm trying reduce the results when making a Graph call by only calling those users with a specific userPrincipalName sub-domain.

When I execute the query it's return all users that has the main domain and the users that has sub-domain. 


Question: How can I execute a graph call and return only users with specific sub-domain along with the other filters.


$uri = "$filter=appDisplayName eq 'Windows Sign In' AND deviceDetail/operatingSystem eq 'Windows' AND createdDateTime ge $CurrentDate AND endwith(userPrincipalName,'') &$Top=1000"


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I just tested this query and this works:,"domainxxx.onmi...")

I see you have 'endwith', without the s. That might be the problem?

@Thijs Lecomte  Thank you for responding, I've added the "S" and still not working. Also, I moved the endswith at the beginning of the URL. Sorry to say I can't use the address, it doesn't have the sub-domain attached to the address 


All the other filters is working just that one filter I'm having the issue.


$uri = "$filter=endswith(userPrincipalName,'') AND appDisplayName eq 'Windows Sign In' AND deviceDetail/operatingSystem eq 'Windows' AND createdDateTime ge $CurrentDate &$Top=1000"


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Could you try it with just the filter on the UPN and check what that gives you?
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As noted in the documentation, only startswith and eq operators are supported for userPrincipalName. Welcome to the wonderful world of crappy oData filtering...

Sadly the endsWith query-filter ist not supported yet. But there is a way around it, it's not so elegant since we're first getting all the users and then reselect the ones with the specific domain:

Connect-MgGraph -Scopes "User.Read.All"

$DisabledDomainUsers = Get-MgUser -Filter 'accountEnabled eq false' -All | Where-Object {$_.Mail -like "*"}
The following Modules are needed to use the commands above:

Install-Module Microsoft.Graph -Scope CurrentUser
Install-Module Microsoft.Graph.Users -Scope CurrentUser