Microsoft Announces the New System-Preferred MFA in Public Preview Now!


Big news for all IT admins! Have you tested this newly released advanced security feature? If not, check out the new system-preferred MFA, and you'll be surprised. 

As most of us are tired of managing numerous MFA techniques, Microsoft puts an end card for this with the system-preferred MFA. Say goodbye to MFA madness hereafter! 


When system-preferred MFA is enabled, Microsoft will use the most secure MFA method among the registered options for users to sign in, regardless of the default MFA method.


I've tested this out in my tenant and found that it provides a robust login experience. As a cherry on top, system-preferred MFA will be enabled by default for all users by July 2023!


So get into the track early and try out system-preferred MFA with our detailed steps! 


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