M365 E3 assigned to gbl Admin but no access to Azure computing

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I don't know what I'm doing wrong but I'm trying to use the Azure AD Premium Plan 1 from the Microsoft 365 E3 license assigned to the global admin account for testing with azure cloud computing but I get the message that there is no Azure subscription available. I checked in the Abonnements menu and there is also nothing visible, also changing the directory isn't working.

Do I need to activate the AAD P1 license or something else that I can use it finally?
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Microsoft 365 E3 doesn't give you access to Azure compute.

You need an Azure Subscription for that.
You could start off with a free account:
Or you could add a Pay-as-you-Go subscription or a subscription from your CSP

@Thijs Lecomte 

Hi Thijs,

thanks for your reply.

It's curious that I can not use computing although the plan includes Azure AD Premium 1 but ok.

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Azure AD is part of MS365.
Not Azure Compute.

Azure Compute and MS365 and two seprerate license products

Ah ok, now it makes sense, thank you :)