Login with a local user account on Azure AD joined Windows 10 machine


Hi all, I have a spare laptop here that I lend out to staff and visitors (if they need to present, etc). It's AAD joined, which is okay for staff. But for visitors, I would like to use a local account so they can't access resources, etc. Is it possible to log in with a local user account on an AAD joined Windows 10 machine? Or are there any other suggestions to handle this situation?

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It is. Just remember to actually create the local account, as no such will exist if you join the device to AAD via the OOTB experience :)

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Actually, I figured it out. You can create a local account the "old" way, and then to login with it, you need to add the prefix "local\"

e.g. local\administrator
Thanks for the solution. Why didn't I think of that; it only makes sense, right?