Issue with new Azure AD connect to new domain


Currently we are on the verge of a migration. In this migration we have an existing tenant connected to DomainA. DomainA will be decommisioned and all users will be migrated to DomainB.


Currently there is a AzureADSync (DirsynC) from DomainA and ServerA to the Office365 Tenant. Now we want to Decommision the old AzureADSync and setup a new Azure AD Connect from DomainB and ServerB to the Office365 tenant.


There are currently no users in the tenant exept for the Serviceaccounts Azure ad created and the global administrator accounts which are cloud only. The users from the old domain are blocked and removed a couple of weeks ago


Can someone please give me some advise on how to do this the proper way.


We already did the following:

- Disable AzureADSync on tenant

- Remove scheduled task

- uninstall AzureADSync


Is this enough or will there still be some legacy? In this case we still see the old AzureAD sync account when we look at the backend with Poweshell.



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The service account is just informational, you can ignore it. Simply stopping the sync should be enough.


In my test labs I regularly switch dirsync between ADs/Tenants and apart from the occasional duplicate attribute I havent had issues so far.

Thanks for the advise. The issue we run against now is that when we ask for the company information on O365 (get-msolcompanyinformation) we still see the dirsyncerviceaccount used in the old situation. Is there any way to change or refresh this? This dirsync account contains the name of the old dirsyncserver from the old domain.


You have any advise on this?


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We found the issue, we deleted the new Azure AD sync and run the Wizard again. This time customized the setting and set the right Immutable ID. After this everything updated.
The test users became visible and and the dirsynserviceaccount updated as-well.

No we have Attributes from our resource domain and user attributes from the User Domain :) and it is all syncing.