How to set passwordless authentication for new user in company

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In case of new user that join the company . How to set a passwordless authentication for the firs time logon experience?


My scenario is: 

  • User was created in Active directory (With random password)
  • Replicated in Azure AD with AD connect (Password Hash)
  • New laptop with autopilot profile Hybride Azure Ad domain join and Windows hello for business strategy

How i can deal with zero password for the new user?



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@julien_Gfi The user will have to use the password once. If enabled, the user than goes through the Windows Hello for Business wizard to provide a PIN. Since the pin is thight to the device, you cannot set up the PIN for the user. 


For Azure AD/Office passwordless sign-in, users need to register first using When enabled, users can register Microsoft Authenticator and enable phone-sign in afterward or add FIDO2 keys to sing-in wihouth passwords.