Guest experience in redemption flow (redirections)

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we are exploring capabilities of AAD External identities and one thing is not clear to me and this where its possible to configure where is guest user redirected after redemption flow is completed. 

By default it redirects to App portal but in our case we would like to share specific sharepoint library (or site) to our external B2B guests and I find no guide on how to achieve that. I cant publish sharepoint as app to be visible to guest. 

Idealy it would be good to redirect user to Office Home (same as for standard tenant users) where you can see for example your latest documents. 


This article only says, ... unless specified differently, but where?? 
Invitation redemption in B2B collaboration - Azure AD | Microsoft Docs


Please advice

many thanks 

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It's a parameter you configure on the invitation. For example, if using the Graph API, specify the corresponding URI as value for the inviteRedirectUrl parameter.
thanks a lot :) I did some reading on this and parameter mentioned is part of New-MgInvitation we going to use when inviting external users