Get a list of "Other organizations you belong to" from all users

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Is it possible to get a list of all organizations where users of the own tenant are invited as guests?

It's pretty easy and straight forward to get a list for my own organizations (My Account ( But I don't find any option to get this list for all AAD users.


And is it possible to leave organizations on behalf of my users?

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@Thomsch Did you ever get any sort of reply or other info on this?  We have exactly the same question/requirement.

@rfoppen @Thomsch - Have either one of you received any guidance on being able to execute some sort of list or PowerShell script for this purpose - identifying all users in Azure Active Directory and determining all "Other organizations you belong to" ?

Unfortunately no, there has been no further traction on this one.

I tried examining queries with Microsoft Graph X-Ray; but the data presented in the My Account view for this does not appear to come through a Graph call.