Error adding B2B accounts since GA

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Since last week, we're not able to add B2B guest accounts in our AzureAD using the standard procedure documented here:


It used to work fine but we now get a '' is not a verified domain name in this directory (as if it did not detect that this is an external / guest account).


I tried the same procedure with 2 other tenants / AzureAD domains where I am an admin and I have the same behaviour. Any


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For some reason the screenshot was not included in my first post...

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Robert - we received feedback that adding guest users in the same place as regular users was not super-intuitive. Because of that feedback we have recently introduced a separate button for adding guest users - please see attached screenshot.

The video in the documentation will be updated soon. Please try this out and let mw know if it works for you. Sorry for the confusion.

Add guest users.jpg

Thanks, it's good to know that the documentation will be updated!


Also, if it saves some time to others, if you want users that aren't Global admins in AAD to be able to invite external users, the need to Guest inviter role, not the User account administrator one.