Education Tenant with Azure AD premium P1and Group-based licensing

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We have Azure AD premium P1 and we have been using Group-based licensing for a long time but I cannot use it anymore. It seems that I need P2. Is it new?

I cannot manually remove licenses ang I get this message " One or more of the licenses could not be modified because they are inherited from a group membership. To view or modify group based licenses visit the Azure admin portal." 

Is Powershell the only solution?

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Hmm, I am not aware of any licensing changes? Still under P1 here:

You can't remove the license directly if it's inherited via the group, you'll need to go to Azure Active Directory -> Licenses and check what group is licensed and remove the member from the group rather than license from the user.

@Christophe Barneaud,


There haven't been any changes relating to Group-based Licensing - this is still an Azure AD P1 feature (see here:


The error you are seeing is expected behaviour. Licenses inherited via group assignment cannot be manually removed.