Disallowing users to register devices with Azure AD

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Here at my company we are a BYOD environment.  Lately we have noticed some 'oddities' with our PCs that have either registered or joined the Azure AD.  We have already disabled or I should say do not allow amy machines to join the domain, but still have them registering.  We would like to turn this feature all also.  Prior to doing such I simply would like to ensure that this would be 'non-destructive'.  We have noticed that there is information stored about some of the machines, namely bitlocker recovery keys.

If we change the setting "Users may register their devices with Azure AD" to "None" do we lose the stored data about the device?


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Does anyone have a response to this? I would also like to know the answer.


Alongside this I would like to ask the following:

We have allowed users to join Azure AD for a long time, if we disable this ability will every device that has been added so far need re-configuring? 


Many thanks :)