Demo Lab for Azure MFA

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Is anyone aware of any demo labs for installing and configuring Azure AD MFA for on-premises servers?

I have not been able to find anything like this.

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Hey Dean, if you mean like a guide/whitepaper, check the ones available here:

Thanks,There are few papers in that batch that I had not seen before. However, I'm actually looking for something like the Technet Virtual Labs or the setup where I can get some hands on experience with the installation and configuration options before i go help a new client in 10 days.

No, I havent seen such labs, sorry. For what it's worth, a test VM with AD FS and MFA server is not that demanding hardware wise, currently I run mine on a A2 Azure VM (2cores, 3.5 GB RAM) which is way more than it actually needs. My local VM is 2GB and running fine as well.

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Hello Dean,


We have this lab ready but for now we're only running it on events, like the Microsoft Tech Summit. It will be available on Q1 CY17 on demand as well as a virtual lab as part of a broader lab platform for cloud products that we will launch.


Stay tunned.


Peri Rocha

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Thanks, looking forward to using it.


@Joe Davies, FYI

It has been 3 months, what is the status of this?

Hi Dean,


Some Azure labs will be available by the end of March, but not the EMS ones yet (targeted to April). We're working hard to bring some exciting content to everyone. You'll hear news from us in the next three weeks.



Peri Rocha

Great News Peri, Many thanks for the information !

Any updates on the MFA demo lab availability?

I am looking assistance to help is configure the on premise MFA server to authenticate Cisco AnyConnect VPN clients. In our pilot testing, during the VPN client login, multiple calls/ SMS texts are received , but the verification does not seem to reach the MFA server to complete the authentication successfully. The log states the below error.


#Pfauth failed for user '........' from .....  Call status: SKIPPED_USER_INCOMPLETE - "User lacks information required for phone auth".


Any help is much appreciated.