Converting Azure AD accounts to cloud only

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Hi everyone,

I'm very new to Azure and wanted to sync our on premise AD accounts just once so I could then use them for testing (we have some free charity licenses to play with). Sync was no problem but now I want to make the Azure AD accounts cloud only while also leaving the on-premise AD accounts untouched. I'm sure I could just disconnect them and all would be well but I don't want to do that until I'm sure the on-premise AD accounts will be safe. Can any of you...

A) assure me that all will be well with on-premise and,

B) advise the best way to made the Azure AD accounts cloud only.


Thank you in advance.

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Basically to keep everything on prem you could either stop the sync on prem with powershell, described in this thread:

And here:

Or uninstall adconnect!
Or move users in ad to unsynced ou! They will be deleted in Office 365! Recover accounts in 365 and they will end up as cloud only users!
Thank you Adam, I just wanted to check before I did the deed. Bit nervous as you can imagine haha.
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Your AD accounts are save! It’s one way sync in this case