Consume Active Directory On-Premuses from Azure Function

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Hello everyone,



I have to develop a functionality for an Power App, this powerapps have to disable or enable user accounts in the On-Premises Active Directory for it I was thinking to create an Azure Functions that consume this through and Hybrid Connection or VPN. 


I was reseraching but I'm not clear which aproach is the best. 


  • Can I connect my Azure Function to the AD and use Powershell to take actions in the AD?
  • What I should use, Hybrid Connections or I should use VPN?


Thanks in advance!



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In case it is on-premise Active Directory (not Azure) , then you may use commands like Disable-ADAccount or Enable-ADAccount in the PowerShell to do it and you may perform a complete automation using PowerShell. However, in case you have to use PowerApps, then include such scripts in the Windows recorder (V1) flows, take a look at Learn to create Windows recorder (V1) flows - Power Automate | Microsoft Docs.

You may learn more about those PowerShell commands on the following websites:

Disable-ADAccount (ActiveDirectory) | Microsoft Docs

Enable-ADAccount (ActiveDirectory) | Microsoft Docs