Confusing email notification to access package approvers

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We are observing confusing Email notifications sent to approvers in Access Packages. When the last stage approval completes, the approver gets an email notification that "The request for {requestor name} is in progress".  No further notifications get sent to approvers, while the requestor does get a notification when their access request has been delivered. 


This can be confusing to an approver in the business community, as the "in progress" notification seems to indicate that the process has not completed, and several individuals have contacted us to ask if further action or contacting the requestor is necessary.  A more clear (and useful) notification would be one that indicates that access has been provisioned to the requestor.


We had opened a ticket regarding this, and the outcome was that this email notification is by design. 


Are others finding this email notification confusing as well, or have a different perspective?

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We've had some discussion with regards to those notifications (and lack of customizability overall) on other media, I've relayed your feedback to some of the PMs. Eventually, when enough customers have complained, Microsoft does deliver :)