Conditional Access for Exchange Online - Missing the Groups App !!


Hi everyone,


We were waiting for a long time for a way to restrict access from mobile to Exchange Online except from Outlook mobile app on android and IOS.

We see now that this is possible via conditional access as per this article:



The thing microsoft did not include is the Office Group App. When I applied the above to my account, it is clear that the native mail client on my IOS is not syncing any more which is good, but now my office groups app is not working because it needs to access the conversation section which is in the background a shared mailbox in Exchange Online


So now We are back to square one. I cannot use this amazing control until office groups mobile app works.


Can someone from Microsoft deliver this to the product group to look at it please?



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Thanks for the question. I'll forward this along and try to get an answer for you. 

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Hi Ammar.


Currently, MAM Conditional Access does not support Office Groups.


Look out for some announcements around Groups support in the next few weeks.



Thanks Matt, cannot wait for the announcement.