Can't detach visual studio TFS to AAD

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I have a visual studio account owned by my user but if I'll try to login to the visual studio portal I recieve an unauthorized error. (detail)


So I'll tryed to login with another admin to change the current owner but I can't change 'cause is connected to Azure Active Directory and return to me

"VS850006: AAD guest users are not allowed to be account owners. Please use a non-guest AAD user. AAD guest user sign-in address:"


The only non-guest is YYYY and for some reason if I add user to Active directory in the visual studio team foundation services I can't see the user added (Already enabled guest login), simply if I add user to visual studio TFS says "no identities found"


So I've decided to disconnect the Azure Active Directory to Visual studio TFS BUT if I'll try to disconnect (both and it return an error about only owner can do that.


What can I do?

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