Boolean in custom policy give invalid type error

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I've created a custom policy where I defined following Claim:

<ClaimType Id="extension_eula">
        <DisplayName>Accept Eula</DisplayName>
        <UserHelpText>Accept the EULA to proceed with the setup</UserHelpText>
          <Enumeration Text="Yes" Value="True" SelectByDefault="false" />
When I click on the radio button to accept the EULA it gives me following error in Application Insights:
"Key": "Exception",
"Value": {
"Kind": "Handled",
"HResult": "80131500",
"Message": "An error occurred while writing User claims using identifier claim type \"signInNames.emailAddress\" in tenant \"\". Error returned was 400/Request_BadRequest: Invalid type for property 'extension_e3eeb4aa7a9f45a69369564e0996ea00_eula' specified. Expected type '[extension_e3eeb4aa7a9f45a69369564e0996ea00_eula, True]'.",
"Data": {
"IsPolicySpecificError": false,
"TenantId": "",
"PolicyId": "B2C_1A_SignUpSignInO365TestB2C"
"Exception": {
"Kind": "Handled",
"HResult": "80131509",
"Message": "The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request.",
"Data": {
"cpim_webResponse_string": "{\"odata.error\":{\"code\":\"Request_BadRequest\",\"message\":{\"lang\":\"en\",\"value\":\"Invalid type for property 'extension_e3eeb4aa7a9f45a69369564e0996ea00_eula' specified. Expected type '[extension_e3eeb4aa7a9f45a69369564e0996ea00_eula, True]'.\"},\"requestId\":\"6ee502cc-16c7-4c17-8ed1-5159bea5a4a8\",\"date\":\"2020-01-22T07:31:54\"}}"
Howerver I defined the value as "True"
When I change the type to string instead of boolean the solution works.
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