Azure B2B with SharePoint and Yammer

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Hi Everyone, wondering if you can all provide some advice on this scenario please?


The scenario is that we have 1 Tenant run by a membership organistion, of which there are 15 or so member orgs. These member organistions have hundreds of users each. They are not necessarily using Office 365 at the own organisation.


Using Azure B2B we can give them access and provide a self service registration portal to gain access to SharePoint Sites that form an "Extranet".


A key part of the scenario is to have the ability to "chat rooms" and social. So Yammer fits perfectly. An external network can be created and all members can join and create groups etc.


Can I use Azure B2B to allow access to this external Yammer Network so that users in the member orgs do not have to:


1. Register their account in Azure B2B

2. Have a separate identity in Yammer


Can Azure B2B provide access to both SharePoint and Yammer?

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I have created a You Tube Video on Azure B2B for SharePoint External Users' Access, you may watch it at,


Don't think there is any relation between Azure B2B and Yammer as you can give any Yammer account (including freemium accounts) access to an External Network and you also have the option to pre-approve domains. The external messaging & the guest feature in Yammer also don't have any restrictions w.r.t. the type of Yammer account (Yammer or O365 identity). They will have access as long as their Yammer account works. You can enforce O365 identities on their primary Yammer network and this allows you to prevent users without a Yammer license from accessing Yammer, but that's it.