Azure AD Pass through authentication roadmap/GA?


We have a customer really interested in this new AADConnect feature. They have a complicated ADFS setup and we are thinking about "migrating" to this new feature "Azure AD Passthrough Authentication". We are fine with an evaluation during preview phase, but at the moment don't have any information about a GA date. We need a rough estimate. H2 2017? Q3 2017? 2018? On what offical roadmap would I find this feature? Checked O365 and Cloud plattform without success.


That is what we are looking for:


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Only what's discolsed in the Ignite session:


So to summarize: session is from Sep 2016 and service was in private preview. Target release (GA?) was planed for 1H CY 2017 and public preview soon. Soon happend 2016-12-07 the EMS blog announced the public preview. Looks like everything is on track... but this featute is not tracking in any of the cloud roadmaps from Microsoft... a little bit sad, but maybe a PM from the EMS team will shed some light on one of my peers tomorrow ;)

@Nasos Kladakis is the only one that can give more details here :)

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There is no official roadmap that provides specific dates for the availability of features for Azure Active Directory and Enterprise Mobility + Security. You might hear estimations during events or in 1-1 discussions but as i said there is no web site that you can see dates for GA of features.

The Public roadmap site only lists features (no dates or estimations) that are currently in public preview or recently avaiable in GA


As others mentioned in this thread, Azure AD Pass-through authentication is currently in public preview since last December. The team is working hard to incorporate the feedback and be able to GA in the next few months.



Thank your for your reply. I didn't expect a specific release date. But most clients are happy to participate in a preview of a needed feature if the rough timeline is known. We got a bit mor granular estimate and can now work with the customer on a approch and if he is willing to invest in this feature at the current stage. In genral it would be nice to have announced features show up in some kind of a roadmap list like you posted. Some customer make the effort to look things up and are unsure what the messaging behind a announce feature that is not on the roadmap is. Does it mean this is so experimental noone whats to risk it showing up in the canceled section of a roadmap? Or is it just tom complicated from a marketing perspective to keep this up to date.

The url i shared is the list you asked for, i assume.

Features that are in private preview are not announced broadly because they cannot be supported in scale. So participation is by invitation only.

When we are ready to share a feature broadly, we announce the public preview in many different ways (blog posts, newsletters, social media and the url i shared) and we are ready to accomodate and support almost any customerthat wants to test the service.


The goal is all announced significant services to make it to this "public preview" url.



It has been a few months now. How could I get the exact date for GA?

MS seldom give exact GA dates. They did just announce some improvements, but it still in Preview, see


Also, currently the passthru authentication feature doesn't support seamless SSO on windows 7. Will they release an update to the Workplace join app for windows 7 for seamless SSO ?