Azure AD Connect on the Azure VM

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Hi folks,


for a customer I'm planning to extend their Active Directory on-premises to Azure.

Currently they using Office 365 without sync with Azure AD Connect.

Is possible to install Azure Ad Connect on  Azure VMs, demoting physical domain controllers and use only the Azure VMs with the Active Directory role installed for sync the users by Active Directory with Azure AD/O365 using Azure AD Connect? I'll modify the UPN/Email addresses to use the standard UPN=Email Address. 

My objective is use only Domain Controllers on Azure VMs and in future to use Azure File Share that require Azure AD Connect.

I have read these posts  (on this post at the top left of the page appears written "Deleted NOT APPLICABLE") & but are unclears.



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AAD connect can run perfectly fine in a VM, as long as it can connect to a proper DC (be it physical or also running in VM).