Azure AD B2B for SaaS Self-Service


The new Azure AD B2B features are exciting. I'm wondering how Azure AD B2B fits with my paradigm. I work in a SaaS software company in the manufacturing automation market. People from many companies use our Azure Cloud-based software. Each company has permissions to access only their own data within our software.


For customers using AD, a collaborative effort is needed to "allow" our software to access their AD for authentication. Some customers don't use AD for authentication. And some customers don't have any authentication mechanism at all. This complicates things considerably, forcing us to manually maintain an internal AD to support various customers. It's all very tedious, time-consuming and error-prone.


Will Azure AD B2B enable us to implement a more seamless permissioning scheme to accommodate all these scenarios, while ensuring customer company-level security AND enabling a "self-service" model where the customer manages their own access to "their data" on "our software"?

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Azure AD B2B has promise in your scenario.


Please also have a look at this table that compares Azure AD B2B and B2C. I have a sense that yours might be more aligned to B2C - but please have a read and get back to us on this thread. We can help you pick the right approach: