Administrative access with our office 365 users on other office 365 environments

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I am writing to ask about a solution in order to use our office 365 users in other office 365 environments. Our administrators have their own accounts in our office 365 and we would like to use them in our customers office 365 environments as well without needing to create new users. Is it possible to do that? This way we would not need multiple accounts anymore.


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Only if you are a partner and are added as "delegated admin". Not all admin settings can be accessed even in such scenarios however, so you might end up needing new accounts.

Or you can look at third-party products that offer multi-tenant management, however those come at a price.

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To work with multi-tenant delegation you've only two options:

  • The first one and the recommended is the Partner Delegation and even you can work with RBAC permissions for specific services.
  • The second is with a third-party tool and behind the scene, some tools authenticate every access with a different global admin user. In some cases is like to use Chrome with multiple profiles.


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thank you so much. That was exactly what I was looking for!

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