AAD modern authentication problem with on premise Redmine application

Anybody out there have on premise Redmine application running, and using Office 365 Exchange Online and Azure Active Directory?   We configured Azure Active Directory to only allow modern authentication, but then Redmine e-mail notifications do not get through.  I have found 'authentication error' message in one of the Redmine log files.  When I make an exception in Azure Active Directory Modern Authentication requirement for the Redmine 'user',  then the e-mails go through again just fine. 
The Redmine configuration.yml is currently set to SMTP delivery method to server smtp.office365.com, port 587.   do I just need to change the server and port number to something else?  I hope?
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That wont help as the application most likely only uses Basic authentication. Either create an exception in your CA/Auth policies for said application, or switch to using an app that supports modern auth.

@Vasil Michev  


Thank you for your response, Vasil.  It looks to me like Redmine should support modern authentication.  I was hoping to find someone who had accomplished such a thing to AAD from Redmine and could help me through the modifications I need to make.  Quite possible there is no such person.  (also posting in Redmine forum.)


I am currently creating an exception to the authentication policy to allow the Basic authentication for now.