Demonstrating our Growth Mindset & Learning from our Customers: We’re reverting the branding logic on Azure AD login pages
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First published on CloudBlogs on Apr, 25 2017
Howdy folks, Back on April 7 th we announced changes to the branding logic for Azure AD login pages . In the 18 days since then we've learned a ton from you, our customers, including the fact that many of you are not thrilled with these changes. Additionally, we learned that we took many you by surprise and did not give you enough time to alert and train your employees about the change. So today we get to demonstrate our Growth Mindset! We've learned from your feedback and we've decided to roll back these changes (they are being reverted as I type). We're going to revisit the overall here plan and take steps to better socialize and communicate future end-user facing UX changes. Ariel Gordon the PM for these features has the details below. Thanks to all of you who shared your feedback with us about these changes. We learned a lot from you and we'll use these lessons to improve going forward. Best regards, Alex Simons (Twitter: @Alex_A_Simons ) Director or Program Management Microsoft Identity Division ----------------------- Hi everyone, Earlier this month we changed the logic that controls app vs. company branding on Azure AD login pages. These changes had two key motivations: provide better brand awareness to customers using B2B flows, and reconcile the branding logic between Azure AD and Microsoft accounts, as a prerequisite to merging the two login experiences later this year. And while we tested and validated the new logic with many customers, we underestimated the impact of these changes to the broader community. You've also told us that these changes had disrupted your business because we failed to provide advanced notice. We're heard you loud and clear. We've therefore decided to rollback these changes, effective immediately. We're also making changes to our engineering and communication process to ensure this doesn't happen again. Specifically, our team is making the following commitments:
  1. Future login UX change that affect business customers will be announced ahead of time
  2. Changes will be tested via flighting, and incorporate a Preview period that allows us to gather broader feedback from you
  3. For most disruptive design changes, we'll introduce an opt-in period of at least 30 days, giving everyone a chance to update their support and training materials
Best regards, Ariel Gordon, Principal Program Manager, Identity Division (@askariel )
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