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We hope you loved our Microsoft Endpoint Manager sessions at Microsoft Ignite 2020, the digital edition, and have had time to check out the dozens of videos we put on the Video Hub on TechCommunity. We couldn't possibly squeeze everything into 48 hours, especially when it came to connecting you, my fellow Microsoft Endpoint Manager enthusiasts, with my colleagues in engineering and on the product team. So, whether you’re new to Microsoft Endpoint Manager or a long-time fan looking to know more, I'm happy to announce that we are keeping the connection going through October and beyond—and already looking ahead to Microsoft Ignite in March 2021!

Free Microsoft Endpoint Manager post-day: September 29th

While there are many sessions from Microsoft Ignite 2020 now available on demand, we are kicking off a special post-conference experience and offering a 24-hour, around-the-world training marathon: Manage, Configure, and Secure Devices with Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Starting at 10:00 a.m. Brisbane time (AEST) on September 29, 2020, we'll kick off our post-day with four hours of Windows content, specifically:

  • Hour 1 - Get Your Windows Devices to Microsoft Endpoint Manager
  • Hour 2 - Configure your Windows Devices
  • Hour 3 - Secure your Windows Devices
  • Hour 4 - Improve the End User Experience on Your Windows Devices

We'll then proceed to a four-hour block of mobile device management training:

  • Hour 1 - Get Your Mobile Devices to Microsoft Endpoint Manager
  • Hour 2 - Secure Your Mobile Devices with Microsoft Endpoint Manager
  • Hour 3 - Manage You MacOS with Microsoft Endpoint Manager
  • Hour 4 - Manage Shared Devices for Firstline Workers

We'll then repeat both sets of sessions twice, wrapping up at 6:00 p.m. Seattle time (PST). Each four-hour block will contain the same content so attend whichever session times work best for you. You can do them in any order and jump between the repeats. Depending where you are in the world, some sessions may start Monday, September 28th or continue to Wednesday, September 30th.

How do I sign up for the post-day?

Simply register at and you'll have access to calendar invitations for the times that work best for you. And yes, we'll record it all, but attending live means you get to ask questions in real time in our exclusive Q&A sessions on Teams Live Events!


Start time - UTC

End time - UTC

Windows Q&A 1

Tuesday Sept 29


Tuesday Sept 29


Mobility Q&A 1

Tuesday Sept 29


Tuesday Sept 29

Windows Q&A 2

Tuesday Sept 29


Tuesday Sept 29


Mobility Q&A 2

Tuesday Sept 29


Tuesday Sept 29


Windows Q&A 3

Tuesday Sept 29


Tuesday Sept 29

Mobility Q&A 3

Tuesday Sept 29


Wednesday Sept 30

Additional Q&A opportunities

Ask the ConfigMgr Experts: Endpoint Manager ATE series

We had some fantastic Q&A during our Microsoft Ignite digital breakouts and Ask the Expert sessions, but we know you probably have more questions. We also know that the Q&A panel with the Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager team continues to be one of our most popular sessions at Microsoft Ignite, so we're now bringing it to you digitally in Teams Live Events on Wednesday, September 30th. Click the desired time below to add them to your calendar.

Tuesdays with Microsoft Endpoint Manager: Ask the Experts

We'll continue offering live Q&A through October with more Ask the Experts sessions on Tuesdays:

The Microsoft Endpoint Manager AMA series continues

We've been running Ask Microsoft Anything (AMA) events in the Microsoft Tech Community for a few months now, and we aren't stopping! In fact, we're pumping them up in October and November to help answer questions you may have from any of the announcements and new features or capabilities we announced at Microsoft Ignite.

To keep tabs on announcements about future AMA events, to attend an AMA, or to see recaps of previous AMAs, bookmark

Microsoft Endpoint Manager 1:1 consultations

We know not every question is suitable to be asked in a public environment. And, you can't pull someone aside at a Microsoft Ignite booth this year to ask something privately. As a result, we are opening up some 1:1 consultations with Microsoft Endpoint Manager engineers so you can still dig in where you need to. You'll be able to start signing up for half-hour slots beginning Monday, September 28th and appointments will be available on weekdays from Thursday, October 1st to Thursday October 8th at different times of the day around the world. Slots will be limited so check back on September 28th to reserve one. (Note, for now, this link points to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager community on Tech Community. It will be redirected to the 1:1 signup tool on September 28th.)

Request a meeting with the Microsoft Endpoint Management leadership team

If you need to have a strategic conversation, possibly including your leadership team, you can submit your request here. When filling out the request form, please provide us a few possible days/times to meet and tell us who else from your organization you'd like to attend. Please also describe what you want to talk about in as much detail as possible so we can find the member of our leadership team that will be the most appropriate for you to speak with.

Become an Endpoint Management Insider

I'd like to conclude this post by announcing our own Insider community for Endpoint Management. We'll use this community to host special events that we'll reserve for our truest fans. We'll also include fun things like community-driven roundtables and games to help connect you with your peers in the field of endpoint management. Sign up to be an Endpoint Management Insider today and watch your email for an invitation to our Insider site.

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Just signed up for;

  • Microsoft Endpoint Manager AMA: Managing Android devices
  • Ask the Experts: Managing iOS & Apple devices with Microsoft Endpoint Manager
  • Microsoft Endpoint Manager AMA: Endpoint analytics


New Contributor

We just finished our 1:1 session and I'm very happy the product team decided to offer this.  It fills a huge gap that an all-digital Ignite conference left. 

I always found the conversations with product team on the expo floor to be one of the most valuable pieces of the conference puzzle.  I hope things like this continue even after the pandemic because it opens the door to people who can't get funding/approval to go to the conferences in person.



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